Thursday, December 1, 2011

What Happened to "Amero" Conspiracy Theories?

Ahh, the 'good old days', huh? The roaring sucess of the euro led conspiracy nuts to take seriously the idea that a 'North American Union' (NAU) would soon be confiscating dollars and replacing them with Ameros. Funny how the euro crisis makes it all now sound as silly as it always was, eh?

Thank you, Daniel Carr at Moonlight Mint for still producing Amero fantasy coins. The workmanship is, as always, superb. It's almost too good. Real coins are rarely produced with that much care.

Keep this in mind, folks. About 95%  of the time when the 'mainstream media refuses to talk about' some shadowy conspiracy that 'everyone in the know knows is actually going on', the idea is just some nut's delusional mind working overtime.

There are millions are delusional conspiracy nuts out there. Just tune in late night talk radio. I prefer to think those people are putting me on. It's more reassuring than believing they're so many who are serious about flying saucers and shadow people.

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