Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Prescription for Fiscal Crisis: Import Tariffs

You want to fix the nation's fiscal bind? Impose import tariffs on imports of any goods we still somehow manage to make here.

I just heard on NPR that a Harley-Davidson that is worth $16,000 - $18,000 here costs almost $50,000 in China because of tariffs imposed by the Chinese government. When do we wake up and decide to not be the world's trade patsy any more? Time to get very mean, nasty and dirty in international trade.

After we tariffs goods competing with our domestic industries, next we should tariff any goods which we plan to make here. Time to restore some sanity to international trade, pronto!

Will it hurt U.S. firms dependent on exports? Yes, and so what? They don't employ my neighbors anyway. Boo hoo. I am advocating the interests of American workers trump those of American job exporters. If that makes me a bad person, too bad.

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